Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter came (and went) very quickly in our house this year. We spent the day at Australia Zoo on Easter Saturday and all came home very tired late Saturday night. Luckily I had already made up Cruz's Easter basket and my lovely dad had offered to do the egg hunt this year. Cruz chose pancakes and cereal as his breakfast of choice and we made some Easter cupcakes for afternoon tea. Other than that we just enjoyed being together as a family and what a great day it was! Next year we get to share it with two little treasures, which is still hard to imagine.. but we can't wait.

The photo's of our Easter Sunday are below..I'll let them tell the story of our day. At the bottom of the photo overload there is a little baking craft that we did last week, which I hadn't blogged about. You might enjoy doing them next year, now?

Easter bunny oreos

You will need:
A box of Oreo's
Black writing icing - eyes
Marshmallows, cut in half and dipped in 100's and 1000's - ears
Pink/red jelly beans - nose
Melted white chocolate to cover the oreos.

They really were a lot of fun to make   

Bunny bum pancake idea from here
Oreo bunny biscuits from here