Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Smoothies - HELP NEEDED

I've been wanting to start my day with a smoothie for quite some time now. Anything that is easy to make and gets nutrients into our bodies is a good thing in my eyes. One problem though. I thought I was going to have some delicious smoothie to start my day after preparing these and they trully were awful. Poor Tim couldn't even drink the thing and Cruz tried his hardest, but very quickly gave it back.

I'll tell you what I did, and hopefully someone can help me with a delicious tasting, freezer friendly recipe in place of this..

I used raspberries, blueberries, banana, kiwifruit, spinach and greek yogurt.

A bit of each fruit/vegetable was put into a snaplock bag and the greek yogurt was frozen in muffin tray portions and added to the snaplock bag.

In the morning, I got one snaplock bag out, added milk and a little ice and blended it together. Done. Awful tasting, but done. Maybe it is the greek yogurt taste that threw us off or maybe it just isn't a good combination for smoothies. I don't know.

I'd love if anyone could help us out with their fail proof smoothie recipes and even better - ones that can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer ready for busy mornings. Please tell me there is a quick fix. I'd love to be able to enjoy them, rather than having to stand in the kitchen holding my nose closed trying to swallow as much of it as humanly possible. My smoothie making seems to have become a bit of a joke in our household. I'd really love to be able to redeem myself. Can you help? 


  1. Could you add some sweetener like honey to them? Greek Yoghurt isn't sweet and maybe the fruit alone wasn't enough???

  2. I've never done one with veges before but I often make up little ziplocks of fruit (usually either mixed berry/banana or mango/banana) which get thrown into a blender frozen, add a good splosh of milk, a small spoon of yoghurt and a tbsp of lsa mix. Blitz and serve, always tastes great. You could add a little honey if you like things a bit sweeter but I've never needed it. Sorry I don't have exact amounts, Ive never followed a recipe for these.

  3. Definitely some honey or a bit of vanilla or that natural sweetener stevia? Maybe more banana and less spinach?

  4. I make this smoothie ALL the time and my 3 little boys love it (me too).
    2 frozen banana's
    cup of water
    half a cup of apple juice (not required but sweetens it up)
    handful or two of fresh spinach (not the frozen stuff)
    2 cups of frozen berries
    whizz it up & your done.

  5. Make them with juice not milk or yoghurt :)

  6. check out "simplegreensmoothies" instagram or simplegreensmoothies.com even though they based in the US they have many wonderful ideas

  7. Did you ever get to produce your perfect smoothie?