Friday, 5 April 2013

The nursery setup - a sneak peak

It's no secret that I enjoy doing bits and pieces of decorating in our house. Better still - kid's rooms. This little treasures room took me longer than usual to start. One of the reasons for this being how indecisive I was with deciding what look I wanted to achieve. At the moment the room is looking very white and there is good reason for that. I made sure that we put as much as possible into the room that was gender neutral before I started adding our gender specific pieces. The decorating has now started, but obviously won't be shared until we announce whether we have been blessed with a little boy or a little girl. Since these photos were taken, a new lockable doorknob has been installed by Tim (I kid you not) and colours are being added. Hilarious. Daddy is on a secret mission.

For today I thought I'd run you through our bigger furniture pieces..

On the left hand side of the room we have our feeding chair. The traditional gliders used for feeding just didn't suit me and I never used the one that we had for Cruz, so for this baby we have decided on a standard tub chair with a foot rest. It is super comfortable and I feel really supported in it, which is obviously what I need to be feeling during those late night feeds. I also have a tiny side table (Target) next to the chair that will have a lamp on it. It is big enough for me to have a water bottle and a little snack sitting there too. In the draws are dummies and down the bottom is the breast pump. Tim is going to be installing a power point behind it for me. Above the chair are some bookshelves. They are in just about every room of our house so we couldn't leave the baby out. I am envisioning this becoming a little story corner for the two kids once feeding is over.

The shelf above the change table (Ikea) will have a VERY sweet frame on it with some words that Tim and I adore. At the moment the bath products are sitting up there, but will be moved out shortly. The change table benchtop and shelves will probably stay empty for the first few months thanks to a cute nearly 3 year old who would just unpack them anyway. The best thing about this change table is that the change table top removes once you no longer need it and becomes a chest of draws for a big kids room. We have anchored one side of the change table to the wall, but need one more anchor as it is fairly big and the thought of one of the children trying to climb it scares me to death. For anyone interested - the change table was bought off ebay.

Other pieces in the room include the cot (ebay - again), thanks to my very generous parents and the cute little eames replica chair from Target. I have actually put it there for Cruz and am hoping he will be happy to play in here (with some toys/books) while I feed. Here's hoping.

Another look at the change table and nappy bin in the corner...

and the chair and side table in the other...

We are currently waiting on the most devine cot mobile in cot mobile history (from Chile, I think) which has hot air balloons, bunting and clouds on it, two cushions - both clouds for the cot, the linen for the cot and change table and a HUGE monogram wall decal with the baby's initial and name on it for above the cot. Can you see why I'm hanging out for that post man to arrive!? For once I'm not looking forward to it being the weekend as weekends mean no post deliveries. Boo.

Best be off for now. I have a little boy who wants to start his day with a warm bubble bath and an antenatal appointment to be at in an hour.

Happy Friday!