Friday, 17 May 2013

Hunter's Nursery - the beginning.


In between the expressing frenzy (thanks for all the tips on Facebook) and now treating our big boy for an urine tract infection - I have quickly come to upload these photos of Hunter's nursery.The room is not complete yet because we were holding off on some purchases until we were 100% certain that he was indeed a 'he'. Now that I'm sure that we have been blessed with two little men, the fun can start.

In the spirit of not having a lot of time lately, I am not going to write too much today..but I will leave you with a multitude of photos of the nursery instead.

Here goes...  


  1. It's so beautiful it making me all clucky! Leanne, you have created a gorgeous nursery for your precious little addition xx

  2. Love it Leanne! It all looks gorgeous especially that mobile above the cot!

    1. Thank you xx I love the mobile. One of my favourite things in his room.

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