Monday, 24 June 2013

Cruz's 3rd birthday party

 Saturday was Cruz's 3rd birthday party. Every year we celebrate Cruz's birthday with a party. Cruz doesn't have any cousins yet, so we like to invite his friends to come and share his special day with him. This year was the first year that Cruz got to choose the theme. About 2 days after I had finished buying supplies for his requested fire truck party, he changed his mind and decided that he wanted a Mister Maker party. Oh dear. Fire truck party it was. Sorry bud.

We tried to keep this years party budget as reasonable as possible. Tim and I made as much of the decor as we could and we ended up surprising ourselves with how little we spent. The two expenses that we do budget for every year are the cake and a photographer. This year the cake was made by 'I do cakes' and our photographer was 'Kateys Captures Photography' (the same photographer that we had for our pregnancy announcement and Hunter's hospital photos). I will share those photos with you as soon as I receive them, but today I thought I'd share a few of the photos I took before the party began.

Firetruck fuel. Otherwise knows as water with lemon and lime slices added in. Water was all that we offered at this years party. We learnt from Cruz's first two birthday parties that buying a range of different drinks can be unnecessary and most the time guests opt for water anyway.

 Fireman fruit - strawberries, watermelon and apples. All red fruit. This was a healthy choice for kids and also an option for kids and parents that couldn't have other foods because of gluten or dairy intolerance's.

Firetruck wheels - also known as Oreos. The easiest dish of the day to prepare (haha!)

 Fire hose roll ups (Vegemite and cheese scrolls made in the Thermomix). Quick and easy and also one of Cruz's favourites.

Red Frogs and Chicos for a sugar hit.

Red and blue jelly. If I had my time over again, I would make a million (slight exaggeration) of these! They went like hot cakes and the kids loved them. 

Matches. These were made using the new Cadbury finger biscuits, which I coated in a red icing sugar mixture.

 Jelly. Again.

 Cruz's firetruck was used as a prop on the table. It is 'Le Toy Van' brand and one of Cruz's favourite toys in the house.

 Blazing buildings (Brownies made in the Thermomix). The recipe is called 'death by chocolate'. They are so good, but sooo naughty.

My darling brother offered to be 'on fire (wearing a shirt with a flame drawn on it) and the kids threw buckets and buckets of water balloons at him to "put the fire out". Only problem? The adults had a little too much fun helping. Poor poor man.

 As well as being able to take their 'life size' fire trucks and hats home with them, each kid got to take a matchbox fire truck home as well. These were a hit and Cruz was so proud to give them to his friends. There is nothing that Cruz loves more than a good matchbox or hot wheels these were perfect.

Thanks to Pinterest we found these cute fire trucks that Tim kindly made for all of Cruz's friends. Tim made 8 in total and I was quietly pleased that I hadn't volunteered to make the trucks. Tim spent a number of hours on these beauties, but seeing the kids race them in a fire truck race made it all worthwhile. 

And another two quick snaps of the party table...

Once the party started, I didn't get a chance to take any photos, but Katey very kindly ran after the kiddies and captured some beautiful shots.

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More photos of this party to come.

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