Monday, 8 July 2013

Newborn mornings

I took these photos weeks ago in an attempt to capture what our mornings looked like with a newborn in the house...and then forgot to post them. Our morning routine has already changed now that we are in the swing of being a family of four, but I thought I'd rewind to Hunter's first few mornings in the house (remembering that Tim was home to help make those first 5 weeks a little easier for me).

The mornings:
7am - Get Cruz set up in the playroom.
7:30am - Mommy's shower and dressing time.
8am - Breakfast.
9am - Hunter goes down for a nap *the reflux has settled now and we are back to sleeping on our back.
10am -  Bits and pieces are done around the house
11:30pm - Lunch (Macaroni and Cheese with vegetables thrown in) 

Those calm mornings have passed fairly quickly with Tim returning to work. These days are more of a juggle, much more eventful and a whole lot more entertaining - who knew what a three year old could get up too while a mum feeds!? 


  1. Loved this post and all the gorgeous photo Leanne. You have captured that time beautifully. Especially as it can all be swept up in the blur that is a newborn xo

    1. Thanks Liz. It really does go past way too quickly! Where is the pause button?

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