Friday, 23 August 2013

Our Home

Today I thought I would share a quick tour of our home with you and give you an insight into some of our (long term) plans to come.

The Master Bedroom::

  • Paint walls
  • Add mirror to side wall
  • White lights for above the blinds
  • New bed
  • Add photos above the bed - maybe? 

The Master Bathroom::

  • Add storage inside the shower
  • Replace toilet
  • New Washing Hamper
  • Add some colour to the room

Hunter's nursery::

  • Work storage into the draws and cupboards
  • Most other projects are being completed as we speak
The dining room:

  • New lighting over the table
  • Scotch guard the chairs
The Kitchen::

  • Cupboard doors replaced with heritage white and some frosted glass
  • New convectional oven to fill the hole where the microwave is
  • Change stainless steel back splash (which is rusting) to a white tile 
The lounge room::

  • New lounge (this lounge is on loan from Tim's parents)
  • Pictures and shelf on the wall underneath the air conditioner
  • Photo wall on the opposite wall.
  • New coffee table (this one if moving into the home theater)
  • Paint walls
The Home Theater::

  • Change the carpet to a soft charcoal 
  • New projector
  • New projector screen
  • Rug?
The boy's bathroom::

  • Add some colour and make it more child friendly

Cruz's room::

  • Swap blind and curtains for the same blinds as Hunter's room
  • Add photo wall on side wall
  • New bedspread - Cruz's request
 The playroom::

  • Install air conditioner (already purchased 3 years ago).
  • Change bench seat fabric and cover with plastic
  • Add expedit
  • Finish pictures/art on the wall
The laundry::

  • Buy back splash
  • Install cupboards overhead.
  • Choose handles for cupboards
  • Add chandelier
  • Pretty the room up
I didn't photograph the walk in robe, but will get to it this week. Otherwise, that's it. Our home tour - 2013. Do you photograph your house to document the changes as the house evolves? Despite the fact that it seems to take forever to make progress on the inside of a house, when you look back at photos you almost always are reminded of how far you have come.


  1. You have a lovely home.. but it definitely needs some colour! have fun sprucing it up.. I am desperately wanting my own house again (we rent) so I can decorate and unlease my inner stylist!

    1. Thanks Amanda. A bit of colour here and there should do the trick. Renting can be really tricky!

  2. Can you come and style my home :)
    Looks beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Elyse. There is not much that I love more than decorating ;)

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