Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sunday night prep

 Every Sunday I try to buy our weekly groceries and prep the fruit and veges for the week ahead. Some of veges stay whole, others are cut to suit our meal plan for the week. I leave my tomatoes, avocados and onions whole. Most other things get the chop. All our vegetables (except potatoes) are kept in the fridge. I know that some vegetables are made to stay out of the fridge (tomatoes are definitely sweeter if left out of the fridge), but over time I have learnt that having them all in the fridge suits our family better - so we run with it. 

The carrots are cut into chunks because that is how big I use them in the Thermomix for soups, puree and sauces. I also chop up our beans and snow peas ready to steam in the varoma on nights that we want to add a little extra nutrition to our meal. The capsicum is chopped up ready to become a pizza topping and the strawberries are prepped and halved ready for our porridge in the morning and to add to yogurt or sorbet during the day.In the clear container in the front are our spring onions chopped up.

The purple containers are two lots of soup. I keep the smaller container in the fridge and put the larger container into the freezer ready for the second half of the week. The soup becomes my 'go to' quick and easy lunch for the week.

Everything has a place in the fridge. On the top shelf on a small lazy susan are our sauces. The clear container on the second shelf to the right holds our home made butter and the container on the left has our pizza toppings ready for pizza night during the week. The pull out draw holds our eggs. The next shelf down is my pull out draw of veges and below that is a tub of broccoli, lettuce etc. Our milk, yogurt and bacon live next to the tub of vegetables and then all my other prepped fruit and veg sits on the second last shelf.

Ignore the other side of the fridge...there was no rhyme nor reason that week. And the ginger beer down the bottom of the fridge was to aid in milk production (on doctor's orders). I just couldn't drink one every day so have moved onto some new feeding tricks.  

 I also try to make a batch of pikelets and a batch of muffins ready for the start of the week. It didn't happen last week, so I'll photograph them and the rest of my Sunday prep ready to include in a post next week.

Thanks for being so patient - I know this post took a while, but with 14 Thermomix demos in the next 25 days it has been a little crazier than normal around here.


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