Thursday, 19 September 2013

Project Simplify:: Cruz's room

Cruz's room is always evolving (you can see that here and here). This time the room looks different because Cruz wanted to have the same blinds as Hunter has in his room, in his own room, and so the curtains were pulled down. I'm sure there will still be many more changes... I'm thinking a family gallery wall and Cruz is still asking for this bedspread. We'll see.

There wasn't a whole lot that needed to be simplified in Cruz's room. I gave all the shelves a good clean, donated a few soft toys that needed new homes and straightened everything up. There is no 'closed storage' in Cruz's room, which helps because I don't seem to accumulate things that we don't need. His bedside table is the only place that we could really hide 'stuff' in, but it is home to his vapouriser - and that is it. 

Other than giving the shelf a wipe down and cleaning the glass on the print, there wasn't much more to do on this side of the room. I plan on changing up the wall that has the striped canvas on it with some family photos and a shelf or two, but that will be down the track a bit. 

Cruz's cupboard is home to 3 canvas tubs. The first tub has his nighttime pullups, the second has his undies, socks, hats etc and the third has some linen. At the bottom of his cupboard, we store his shoes so that he can easily access them and put them on himself. 

At the bottom of the cupboard we have a washing hamper for Cruz's dirty clothes. A number of Cruz's shirts and pants were drying on the line when I took this next picture, as you can see by the empty hangers at the front of the cupboard.

And just like that another room is sorted. I have chosen two easy spaces (the boy's rooms) over the past two weeks and might have to accept a greater challenge for next week. Perhaps we'll do the Master Bathroom or the Hallway cupboard? I'm yet to decide.


  1. are those all the clothes that Cruz owns? If so good on you for keeping it simple. My kids wardrobe is full to the bream... very annoying and I haven't even bought any of it

    1. Hi Nikky, about 5 of his shirts and shorts are on the line drying, but otherwise that is it :)

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