Friday, 13 September 2013

Project Simplify:: Hunter's Nursery

Last weeks area of focus was Hunter's nursery. It wasn't too hard to simplify the room itself because we had only set it up 6 months ago. The cupboard was a different story though and we had to relocate a number of things that didn't belong in Hunter's cupboard to somewhere else. Today I thought I'd do a quick snapshot of the room and show you what is in the room, inside some of the draws and hiding in the cupboard.

The first draw has nappies and nappy sacks.

The second draw has Hunter's singlets, socks, bibs and the sweet play rug that one of my friends made for him when he was born.

And the third and finally draw houses his shoes at the moment.

As you can see we have tried to keep Hunter's wardrobe fairly simple and will continue to do so until he gets to about 12 months old - he just grows too quickly for us to be buying huge wardrobes for every growth spurt. The mixture of clothes in the second photo are some of Cruz's clothes that have survived and will be passed down to Hunter.

And just a day or two ago, a new bunny and some blankets joined the rest of the soft toys and blankets in Hunter's room. Who said that decorating for boys isn't as fun? 

We can most definitely call this room complete now. I love it and hope that once Hunter moves into it he will love it too. It's a place for him to call his own - a calm and safe place for our littlest guy.


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