Monday, 30 September 2013

Project simplify:: The Master Bathroom

Last week's focus in our home was our master bathroom. The bathroom can become so cluttered with cosmetics and creams thst before long the cupboards and draws begin overflowing. To inspire me to get the job done I invested in some fresh flowers for the bathroom. Now that the bathroom is complete, I have moved them into the lounge so that everyone can enjoy them. Has anyone seen fake lillies that look this real? I have become quite attached to the colour and feel they gave the room and would love to invest in some that could live in here permanently.

The only things that I keep on the bench now are our hand soaps - one for Tim and one for me. Everything else is put away.  

The left hand side of the cupboard belongs to Tim. It holds his shaving cream, deodorant, razors and colognes. It also has our toothbrushes and hairspray in there. On my side is my GHD, two containers to hold my makeup, my nail polish storage and in the basket - my hairbrush, deodorant, detangler and perfume. That's all we own in the cosmetic department at the moment.

  My draws are completely empty..

 ..and so are Tim's.

The toilet has a magazine holder, bin, toilet paper storage and some spray. It is a tiny en suite toilet, which makes it really hard to photograph. In our shower we have shampoo, conditioner and our body wash. That is all. In the past we had a trillion different bottles of products lining our shower, but this is it for us now.

Project complete. Another room/space is now ticked off my list. Bathrooms are definitely not the most fun to clean and declutter, but they do need to be done from time to time and it is rewarding once you get to stand back and enjoy your hard work. 

Next on the list is our cleaning cupboard in the kitchen.    


  1. Try Dusk for the fake silk flowers :)

  2. Where did you purchase your shower caddy from. Very nice.

  3. I love this wooden cupboard so much. This is really good for storing various items. The bathroom organization tips were great experience to read as well.

  4. Oh wow you've done so well.. I think I really need to take your advice and just declutter and be absolutely ruthless... I have so much "stuff" in my tiny little en suite that it's beyond a joke.

    For the flowers try out

    'm lucky this store is semi close to where I live and their flowers look so real and are quite reasonably priced.

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