Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Project Simplify:: The Master Wardrobe.

It's a mess, right? Our Main Bedroom's wardrobe is the very last room in the house meaning that no one (except Tim and I of course) ever sees it. In the four months after Hunter was born, I tried to stay on top of housework, as much as possible with a newborn baby, but everything that didn't have a place in the house ended up in the wardrobe out of everyone's sight.  

We have plans to renovate our walk in robe, but not anywhere in the near future. After we had finished simplifying our bedroom, I moved straight to the wardrobe and became work there. The first thing that I did was paint our draws white and add some yellow handles to brighten up the room. I didn't want to be spending any money on the wardrobe and decided to do the best with what we already had.

I did a MASSIVE clean out of the cupboard and pulled everything out, sorted what we had and where it needed to be and then placed our clothes back into the cupboard. 11 bags of clothes and shoes went to charity and I purged like never before. I only kept the clothes that I actually wore and got rid of any clothes that were too big or small.

I have a plan for the wardrobe which includes knocking out the middle section (the cubes) of the wardrobe and adding in a mirror, power point and some shelves so that we can get ready in our wardrobe with a his and hers section. I've made sure to keep the cubes empty because of this.

It's really difficult to take full shots in the wardrobe because of the shape of the room, but I managed to get a shot of my side, Tim's side and our new shoe racks as well. It's lovely walking into this simplified room now and knowing where everything is.

It has a long way to go in the renovation department, but for now we have a toned down, minimal'ish' wardrobe that will be nice and easy to keep in order. Another good job done. Next up - Hunter's nursery, a nice and easy one.

Has anyone else joined me in the mission to simplify each room of the house and live a less cluttered life?


  1. Once I'm done with the kids rooms then I'll be moving onto my walk in... there is soooo much junk in it

    1. Master wardrobes do seem to collect a lot of junk. Good luck with it!

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