Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Project Simplify:: The baking drawer

It feels good to have a tidy baking drawer, but this hasn't always been the case. I snapped a quick before photo before I started this little project.

Before: There were things everywhere (in this drawer, in the pantry, in other rooms) and so I decided to bring it all together into the one place. I had a number of bowls that were old and that weren't being used anymore, so the first thing I did was find a set of bowls that could fit inside each other...if that makes any sense.?.

After: The bowls are the only purchase that I had to make to get everything in here organised. The bowls were bought from Kmart and from memory were about $15. Bargain.

I now store my cupcake cases (can you tell I have a thing about cute cupcake cases), my measuring cups and spoons, a few biscuit cutters and my biscuit stamps in here all together.

My food colouring, plastic cupcake stands, treat bags and the million cupcake toppers that I had lying around are also all together now.

Rather than being a hot mess, this drawer has now become a pleasure to open. I love opening it up when it's time to make a cake or a batch of cupcakes and being able to see everything I need right in front of me.

It's the little pleasures in life that add up. Another job off my to do list. Under the kitchen sink and my new baking tray cupboards and next to photograph and then I'm hoping to do a bit of a catch up on my project life album before I tackle more of the kitchen cupboards. I'm loving all the emails I have been receiving of the projects you have been completing in your own homes in a bid to simplify your home - keep them coming! I'd love to share a few on the blog.


  1. I love this!! It's so pretty.

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