Monday, 21 October 2013

Project simplify:: The cleaning cupboard.

I spent some time last week clearing out our cleaning cupboard. Here is the end result. I tried to only hang on to what we use. On the top shelf is my house caddy. I carry this from room to room with me when I do the cleaning. It has everything I need (other than cloths - more on that later) in it. In the sink caddy I have a few tiny Thermomix blade cleaners and the finish aid for the dishwasher. Down the bottom of the cupboard are two buckets, one holds our dishwasher tablets and the other holds sponges. Having these buckets allow me to see how many more sponges and tablets I have left before I run out.

Just in case anyone wants to know what cleaning products I am using at the moment, I have photographed them below. I have been using method and am loving the pretty smells and colours - best of all, they are natural.

I also tackled under the sink and the baking drawer over the weekend, so I will share more on that soon. I think my next projects are going to involve the spice draw, the pantry and the boy's bathroom.


  1. where do you buy your method from? also watch the little ones being able to reach the dishwasher tabs :[

    1. I purchase the method online. There is a child safety lock on our cupboard so that they kids can't get to them, but thanks for checking.

  2. This is so true that you can't stop kids for making these mischievous deeds, they are always hyper and keep looking for the stuff that looks interesting to them. These colorful bottles will surly attract their attention and may God not let anything bad happened. It's good that there is a safety lock on the cupboard. Cleaning is important and the fact of keep the kids safe is also necessary. For information about cleaning services you can visit the link below.