Monday, 18 November 2013

Hunter's Dedication

We celebrated Hunter's dedication yesterday with a handful of friends and family. My dad dedicated him. It was a special morning and like always I was humbled by the love our friends and family have for the boys. We kept the lunch that followed the service simple. Everyone bought a plate of food to share and we enjoyed a very yummy lunch thanks to all the amazing cooking that had been done. I ordered a cake, cookies and mini muffins from the talented Helen from I Do Cakes (after getting the idea for the theme here).

The guest of honour, our precious Hunter, slept the whole time we had guests at our house. He woke up just in time for the water fight that started after most of the guests had gone home. It was so much fun and left me looking like a drowned rat. I meant to take a photo of the boys dressed up in their smart outfits, complete with ties, but forgot. By the time we had a family photo taken Cruz had stripped down, Hunter was out of his outfit and I was drenched. It's the thought that counts, right?

Most the photos were not taken by me, but were taken on our camera by our friend, Daniel. Here they are.   


  1. Hun I love your style. So simplistic and modern, yet so cutesy and fresh. I really love what you have done. So much so that I am 'using' this as inspiration for my own boys party in late december. I have already purchased the malteasers hehe. Now just searching for some lovely glass wear. I love your blog. Keep up your brilliant posts! I always look forward to reading every single one of them . Cat x

  2. Thanks Cat, we thought it was such a cute theme for little boys. Hope your party goes well! I'd love to see pics xx