Monday, 16 December 2013

Before and After:: The Office

Everyone loves a good before and after. My office has always been the storing ground for a million different things. This room used to be Cruz's nursery, but once he got a little older we moved him into his current room simply because there was no built in storage in here. Once Cruz moved out, Tim and I moved in. If you have a look at the first photo you will see that the top half of the room is designed the same. We used to have two matching tables and computers sitting next to each other - one for Tim and one for me. After a few months Tim decided he didn't use the room (and preferred using his laptop in front of the TV), so we sold his half of the goods. That left me with this.. You will notice photos that need to be hung, Christmas storage goods that have been pulled out of the hallway cupboard for the holiday season and a whole lot of other treasures that had no where to live.

Bits and pieces that need to be sold or passed on are also in here. The view of the palm trees is lovely when you are snowed under with work that needs to be done at home. My plan is to put white plantation blinds/shutters on these windows down the track. I just need to save for them first.

This wall (see below) has been changed so many times that I have lost count of all the changes. We used to have a white leather couch under this shelving, but the couch took to much room and I very quickly moved it on to another home.

I used to close this door when visitors came over and hide the mess and you probably would never have seen a photo that had our office in it. I have wanted storage in here forever and after saving for a while, Tim spoiled me with these beautiful cupboards from Ikea. They are very, very deep and store a huge amount of stuff! I will do a post on what is inside them soon.

When everyone asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year I knew exactly what I'd say. I have wanted the Liatorp desk for 4 years now, but struggled to justify the price. My very generous family all put money towards this new office table for me. It is just so amazingly beautiful!

Above my desk are still the nails from previous pictures that had been hanging on the wall. We will be removing them down the track. There is nothing inside the desk cupboards or drawer just yet.

To the left of the desk is my vision/memory board. It's my happy space and is full of precious memories as well as things that we are working towards as a family.

All the canvases and picture frames that were sitting around the place now have a home too. The gallery wall started by accident after I tried to think of a way that I could cover up some holes, that were left after we took the printer shelf off the wall. Of course down the track they will be repaired, but for now I have used command strips to keep these pictures up.

That's the office done for now. I couldn't be happier with it. More to come down the track!


  1. Looks great! I reeeeally need to do something about our office too...First step will be to declutter I think. It's crazy how much stuff you end up with! Drives me nuts lol!! Thanks for the inspiration :) (loooove the Liatorp desk too!) Mel

  2. It looks fabulous. What a great space to work in hun xx