Monday, 30 December 2013

Blog Recap - January to June 2013

Tonight I thought that I would do a recap post of 2013 on the blog. I got as far as June and then decided I would do the rest of the recap tomorrow. It's been so much fun looking back over the year and remembering what we got up to. Not everything has been 'recapped', but I have tried to post as many of the links as possible. Underneath each photo is a link that will take you to the relevant post. What a year 2013 has been. Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride!


 We had a getaway in our backyard.

We ate a lot of this yummy pizza.
 We learnt from our books.

 I stocked the freezer with homemade lunchbox snacks.

 The cradle moved into our room.

 Two precious babies were born. 

 I focused on the living areas.

 Cruz's room was done. 

 The playroom was re-organised.


 We enjoyed a Valentines themed breakfast.

We loved every minute of Valentine's Day.


We reintroduced some healthy habits into the house. 

 I organised the pantry

 We made a mess!

 Another baby was born.

 Easter activities started with toilet paper roll bunnies.

 We started 'Thursday's gift'

 Baby Shower invites were sent out.

 We had our Baby Shower.

 Salt Dough ornaments were made.

We organised the garage.


 We celebrated Easter Sunday.

 I gave a sneak peek of the nursery before pink or blue was added.

 The dining room had a makeover.

 I made busy bags ready for Cruz when the baby arrived.

 Cruz and I had lots of 'mummy and me' time before the baby arrived.

We organised the hidden cupboard in the garage.

We prepared the 'big brother' gift for Cruz.

Our precious little man was born!


 Hunter's nursery was 'unlocked'

 Cruz turned 3!


 The Thermomix became a part of our family.

Phew! That's a bit of January - June of this year. Tomorrow I will post a recap of the last half of the year. The end of 2013 is in sight! 

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