Friday, 20 December 2013

December:: Day 20

If you look closely you will see string everywhere. My dear 'Elfie' has sure made the day interesting. Every time I would try and close a cupboard, another one would open. Elfie is standing near the Thermomix in case you want to spot him.

Our advent activity::

Today we took 12 balloons to the children's ward of our hospital. Cruz LOVED going into all the rooms and wishing the children a Merry Christmas. We met a mum that was waiting for her daughter to come out of theater, a little boy that was on a drip and two tiny babies who were given balloons by nurses because they were in isolation. I felt sad seeing the kids and bubs unwell, but it was just lovely seeing their face light up, even for only a moment. Hospitals can be such sad and lonely places and I hope that today we were able to give them a bit of a glimmer of happiness. Cruz's favourite was the lady who was waiting for her daughter, because she gave him a "massive cuddle".


  1. What an amazing family you are Leanne :)

  2. Thanks Nina. I have been blessed with amazing role models for parents. It feels good to give back.