Wednesday, 11 December 2013

December:: Day Eleven

Oh. my. goodness. I woke up this morning, after a fairly sleep-less night, and found this^. Elfie had taken my clothes down from my cupboard and was on top of them. Rule of the Elf number one: he can't be touched or moved during the day. My underwear and all my shorts and skirts had also been removed from my drawers. Tim (the naughty rascal) and Cruz were still asleep so I checked every cupboard around the house to see if my underwear and clothes might have been moved to another cupboard, but no. I even went out to the car to see if they had been put into the car overnight. Still not. It was rather annoying and awfully funny - all at the same time. The short story is that I made it to work and I was clothed.

Our advent activity:: An easy one for today - pancakes, whipped cream and strawberries for breakfast before our day started. 

I had to share the amazing cake that Tim made for me too. Incredible. Complete with biscuits with 'L's' on them and 4 candy jars filled with some of my favourite treats. The glass bottles were also later filled with a homemade mango frappe. I've had a marvelous day and the kindness and thoughtfulness of friends and family has blown me away. I've been spoilt.


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