Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December:: Day Three

Elfie:: Enjoying a tea party with his monkey and mouse friends when he slipped and spilled his tea.

Our advent activity:: 
'Make Christmas cookies and deliver them to your doctor'. 

This is my favourite activity to date. Tim and Cruz made the cookies this morning and had them packaged ready for when I got home. We drove to the doctor and I took Cruz in. We sat outside our doctor's door until one of his patients came out and then Cruz knocked and ran in yelling 'Merry Christmas' at the top of his lungs. Everyone in the doctor's surgery stopped and turned around to goo and gaa at Cruz's love for his doctor. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful doctor and it was nice to show him that we appreciated him.


  1. what a lovely idea! mt family started our family tradition with "Jingle" our elf this year and i was wondering when he toilet papered the lounge room does it stay there all day? if you take it down what do you tell Cruz? also how did you attach Elfie to the table when he slipped and spilt his tea? thank you leanne i really do love following your little family traditions :-)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Sorry about the late reply. Yes, we normally leave whatever Elfie has done for the day. It does make for some very interesting moments! Hope you are enjoying Jingle.