Friday, 17 January 2014

Back to basics in the kitchen.

I've gone back to basics in the kitchen and am trying to make as much as we can at home. I'm not a brilliant cook or baker, but since purchasing my Thermomix and becoming a consultant I have a new found confidence in what I can achieve in the kitchen. This month I thought I would start with the basics - yogurt, ice cream, bread and some wholefood snacks here and there.

I set a 1L Thermoserver and 4 mini containers of yogurt to start with. As Cruz has eaten the minis, I have refilled them from the 1L. 

Cruz does not like the yogurt on its own, so I made this berry coulis that I mix into the yogurt to make it berry flavour - it is yum!! I would like to get Hunter used to this yogurt before he tastes any store bought yogurt so that I don't have two kids to convert!


We have also been making our bread as we run out of the store bought bread. We do not eat a lot of bread in our house, just the odd toast and vegemite here and there, but this bread is delicious! I use this recipe and it seems perfect everytime. It is also a good recipe to use to make a cobb loaf or some bread rolls. I had to change the temperature to 175 degrees to cook our bread though as 200 was a bit to high in our oven.

This ice cream is SO SO good and it was easy to make too. It's a little sweet for us, so next time we make it we will try using less sugar. We have been enjoying the ice cream with some macadamia nuts for dessert. I don't think I will ever buy a tub of ice cream again.

We also made some ice blocks using the reusable zipzicles. These are simply apple sorbet that I made and then froze.

I've embarked on a mission to try one of Wholefood Simply's recipes from her recipe book each week. There are 50 recipes, so by the end of the year I should have tried them all. The first recipe was her caramel slice and it is absolutely incredible. Tim even commented that it was his favourite slice that I had ever made. We made it on Monday and it is nearly all gone. Cruz loves it too! I can't speak highly enough of it and it's healthy - winning!

I've been surprising myself in the kitchen lately and it's been really rewarding. Now all I need to accomplish is making Vegemite and then I'm sure I'll feel like a rock star! Has anyone else been busy in the kitchen? What do you make?