Thursday, 9 January 2014

Building the trampoline in ground.

Last weekend we spent the weekend building our trampoline into the ground. And by we, I mean Tim and his dad. We bought Cruz a 12ft rectangular trampoline for his birthday in June with the intentions of putting it in ground but didn't get around to it as quick as we had hoped. I knew I wanted to put it into the ground when the grass underneath the above ground trampoline started dying and the net was looking big and messy in our small side yard. I should have taken a before picture with the trampoline up, but forgot. This picture was taken after lines had been marked and gates had been removed from our fence.

Before we could get started we had to get a hold of the documents which outlined where pipes ran through our yard. We marked out 'the danger zone' and took note of how deep the pipes were buried in our yard. We then calculated how deep the hole had to be. Because we bought a trampoline designed especially for kids, the weight restriction is lower (95kg) and the trampoline does not have to be as high off the ground. Our trampoline stands just 600mm off the ground, so that is how deep our hole needed to be. All trampolines will obviously be different heights. 

We hired a mini excavator for the day and started the digging early (7am). Tim's dad came to help too. It took till 3pm and 7 trips of dirt to the dump before the hole was dug and Tim called it a day.

On Sunday he started building the frame for the trampoline. This is to stop any dirt caving in on the edges of the hole. We used 2.4m long sleepers for the width of the trampoline and a 2.4 sleeper and 1.2 sleeper joined together for the length of the trampoline. The frame is three sleepers high. In the photo below you can see the post that we used to secure the joins in the sleepers on both sides.

There are other bits and pieces that I forgot to photograph - like the steel legs that support the trampoline from underneath, the drainage and the way that Tim secured the trampoline to the frame, but if you are interested in that information I'm more than happy to email you with it. I was stuck inside looking after the boys and missed quite a lot of the action. My job was simply to provide ice creams, cold drinks and lunch to the hard working men on the day.

We are yet to secure the mat to the ground and have a bit a lot of grass recovering to do, but here is the end result. We love it! We have been testing it to see if we will need soft fall or a soft barrier on the posts and fence for safety, but with Tim jumping as high as he can it still doesn't seem like he would be able to reach the fence or posts if he fell. We'll keep looking into it.

Every afternoon we have been heading outside after our early dinners and enjoying a play on the trampoline. It has become my favourite part of the day!


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