Saturday, 18 January 2014

Project Life

After posting a picture of one of my Project Life layouts on Facebook last week I had a few messages with questions about how we complete Project Life in this house. Everyone does Project Life differently. I started doing Project Life in 2012 and use it as a way to record our family's memories. We complete one to two family albums per year. I have taken it slowly and am slowly becoming more confident with the albums.

On the first of every month I upload my photos to an online printing company and have the photos delivered to my house. At this stage of our life it is so much easier to upload photos while the boys are asleep and then for the photos to arrive in my mailbox. It's the difference between getting my album done and 'not getting around to it'.

When the photos arrive, I sit down and have a look at how many layouts I will need for the month. Every month I have a different amount of layouts. November had 5 layouts and December had 11. It changes depending on how much has happened in the month. 

Once I have chosen the photos for the layouts, I choose Project Life cards to match. This gets messy at times as I cut down bits and pieces of different cards and have a play around. When I am happy with the layouts I document what was happening in the photos and milestones that have been reached by the boys. I also like to include Cruz's handwriting and little pictures that he has drawn. 

Between getting one month's layouts complete and starting the next month, I don't normally do a lot (other than of course taking photos of everyday life for that month).

I am by no means up to date with my albums. This month I completed December and November. Next month I plan on doing January's as well as last Octobers. I am hoping by staying up to date this year and doing one of last year's months each month - that I will get back on track.

At times it can seem like another thing to do on top of a long to do list, but when I look back at the memories that we have recorded because of it, I realise that it is probably one of the most important things for me to complete. At the end of the day we are helping to record memories for our children (and ourselves) and there is not much that is  more important than that. Moments pass so quickly and children grow up so fast, but memories can last forever.

I have included photos of some of my layouts from November and December - I still have to complete the journaling on these pages. 

If you do Project Life I would to hear how it works in your house. Do you do a photo a day? A layout a month? Or something different? 


  1. Hi Leanne! I started Project Life in around May last year and started just working consecutively from January onwards - kind of the way you do it. When I got up to June in my album I decided to start doing a weekly spread with inserts if needed and I'm still doing it that way. I'm still trying to finishing off the December layouts so I can start 2014! I love it - it's such a great project!

  2. I am so tempted to give Project Life a go. I am just a bit nervous that I will start and then life will get too busy and I won't have time to get it done. You make it look like it could be possible!! I will see if I can get up to date with printing off photos first!

  3. Hi Nina - totally agree with you. Such a great project. I'm playing catch up too!

    Printing off the photos really helps Melissa. I'm sure you'd love Project Life. It is very rewarding.

  4. This is a excellent idea! Do you mind where do you find folders for Project Life?

    1. Sorry about the late reply Rachael - I'd missed this comment completely. The PL items can be bought from Spotlight now.

  5. I love this idea! Where do you find folder for this?