Thursday, 16 January 2014

Project Simplify:: The Home Theatre

2014 will hopefully be the year that I get into each draw and cupboard in the house and simplify our home. I decided that I might start on one end of our house and work my way through slowly - that's the plan anyway. The first room is Tim's home theatre. There isn't a lot in the room - just a TV unit, the sound system and speakers and two 3 seater chairs. The very first renovation on our 2014 renovation goal list is to carpet this room. When we purchased the house the previous owners had a traditional style cinema with heavy black curtains around the 3 walls and then this red carpet. We will be carpeting the room in a charcoal-ish colour.

I went through the three drawers in the TV unit and culled or tided things up. The first drawer has Tim's projector mount's bits and pieces, two jars of different cords and the boy's ear muffs. 

The second drawer has Tim's box of instructions and goodies for the electric drum kit, his drum stick bag and our CD/DVD folder.

I recently got this DVD holder and put all of our movies into it to save space. We aren't a DVD or CD family generally and prefer to buy our movies and songs through Itunes or the Playstation network, but it's amazing how many we have. We bought a few for the boy's to watch in the car and they seem to have multiplied. Having the folder will make it easy to take all our DVD's for long trips and then to transfer them back inside.

The third drawer is empty, although Tim does put his Playstation control and headset in there from time to time.

Above the stereo we have a little wicker basket that is home to all the remotes.

Here's two views of the room - simplified but not complete. We still have carpet to lay and some decorating to do.

Is anyone working through their home one step at a time this year? I think starting in one room and slowly working your way through the house is the most achievable. Often it's hard to keep up with the pace of others because our homes are unique. Going through a house at your own pace means that you can move on once a project is finished properly. If something comes up in your life or you have a busy week you don't 'fall behind'. If you choose to work through your house, one room at a time, I would LOVE to see pictures of your progress. Please send any pictures or stories through to . I'd love to hear from you and share your achievements with readers.

Happy simplifying!


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