Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Project Simplify:: The Lounge

Last week I went through the lounge and simplified it. There wasn't a great deal to cull as I only really needed to sort through the two drawers that are part of the coffee table. Today I thought I'd share more about our plans for the room.

We borrowed the lounge from my in laws when we first moved into this house and had plans to upgrade down the track. Maybe to something like this? But I am yet to decide. The coffee table will be changed to this and I'm sure I have mentioned our plans to install white plantation blinds in our lounge before, but that will only be happening when we win the lottery at this stage.

Our coffee table is home to our Valentines books in February, but usually has a Project Life album that I am working on somewhere as well.

Inside one of the drawers are our Bibles and the Kid's devotion book.

And in the drawer on the other side are some puzzles, card games and problem solving books. Excuse the marks on the lounge and coffee table I took this photo before I had wiped them both down.

The mantel area is our favourite spot to play during the day. We have a box of Cruz's hot wheel cars and a few baskets of baby toys to play with. The mirror sitting above the mantel is only temporary and I am hoping to purchase one that is the same width as the mantel and a lot taller after we have finished our laundry renovations.

Has anyone else been simplifying around their home recently? I'd love to see pictures of your hard work. Next on my list is the kitchen.


  1. Just gorgeous as usual Leanne!! I'm actually hoping to get that exact coffee table to start updating our theatre room for my birthday in a few weeks!! It's just looking gorgeous - can't wait to see the end result!

  2. Oh Tammy, how exciting!! I'd love to see pictures if you get it. I'm saving to get it in July. Fingers crossed ;)