Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Mantel - Valentines Themed.

Since we moved into this house 4 years ago I have dreamed of having a mantel that I could decorate. Now that I have one, I've slowly been getting bits and pieces to decorate with for the holiday seasons. First off the rank this year (other than hanging an Australian flag on the mantel for Australia Day) is Valentines Day. The mirror on the mantel is only temporary. Once we have finished the laundry renovations, I will be purchasing the mantel mirror. It is nearly ceiling height and as wide as the mantel itself - so that will make a huge difference to the feel of the room.

I painted an X and an O that I had bought from Spotlight. I love the colour of this pink, but the gold sparkled paint would definitely be my favourite. Cruz and I also cut some hearts out of scrap paper in different shades of pink and we joined the hearts together with a cute ribbon.

On the right hand side of the mantel I have our usual decorations - a framed print of our 2013 memories and a little vase, which I will fill with something pink sometime soon.

The garland hanging across the mirror is from Woolworths - they have some really cute Valentine themed bits and pieces this year.

And here is a real life 'full shot' complete with all the kid's toys... although if it was real, real life these toys would be scattered across the rug. This rug is the boy's favourite place to play. It's crazy that they never played in this spot until we put the rug down and made it a 'play spot'. Now they don't seem to leave the area. We spend a lot of time playing together here. I love it.


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