Monday, 14 April 2014

{Project Simplify} The Pantry

If you follow the Organising the four of us Facebook page you will have seen a sneak peak at my pantry organisation. A few weeks ago I ordered pantry labels from the lovely Kate at Pretty Paper Label and I am in love with them. My next order is nearly ready to be sent in already.

To start the pantry 'decluttering' I cleaned out our pantry baskets and got rid of anything I knew we weren't going to use. I also checked expiry dates. We have 4 main baskets in the pantry - Oils & Salts is home to all my oils. I store our oils in matching bottles that are labelled and allow me to refill them easily. If I'm honest, I like the look of having the same containers for all the oils too and the colours are so pretty. Weekly Meals is home to all the bits and pieces I buy with the groceries for our meals during the week. Extras has items that I don't have homes for or products that I have extras of. We do not generally buy in bulk though and Baking is obviously home to our baking goods.

Underneath the baskets I have our Tupperware containers that are home to our flours, sugars, nuts etc. They are clearly labelled. When doing the groceries I always have a quick glance to see what needs a refill. There are a number of containers that need to be refilled at the moment.

 The top of the cupboard has some flour, crackers, my soda stream, some knives. YIAH stands for Your Inspiration at Home - a line of products that contain no preservatives (dip mixes, taco seasoning etc). Good stuff!

 A closer look at the containers >

The Oils - it's a little hard to read the labels in the photo below, but we have Coconut Oil (in purple), White Vinegar (in blue) and Olive Oil (in green) - other oil containers are behind these.

And last - another look at the middle shelves:

That's it! The pantry in a nutshell. If you have any questions - ask away x


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  3. Hi, What do the bottles you have for your oils look like and where did you purchase them? Loving your pantry organisation! :)

  4. Hi, What do the bottles you have for your oils look like and where did you purchase them? Loving your pantry organisation! :)