Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bulk Tuesday

Lately we have been busy - 'out every night of the week' kinda busy - and so Tuesday has been declared 'bulk Tuesday' in our house. I've been trying to create our own 'takeaway' system straight from our freezer for busy afternoons/nights. All is going well and as a result I am now on the market for a chest freezer to store our 'takeaways' in.

This Tuesday just gone I made sweet potato caramel mud cake , my mother in law's pumpkin soup (x2 - one for my parents and one for us), Quirky's fried rice x2 (I for dinner, 1 to be separated into containers), Banana bread (from the EDC), mini quiche and a healthier version of the magic bean cake as cupcakes. 

The week before last I concentrated more on snacks - making things like these bliss balls and whole food simply's 'caramel' slice.

This week I'd like to focus on breakfasts and lunches. So the plan for the menu is breakfast bitescada breakfast muffinsVegetarian lasagne using gluten free lasagne sheets, apricot chicken risotto (from EDC) and Weetbix slice.

As always, I will post my 'bulk Tuesday' pictures to Facebook so that you can see how everything has turned out.

Here's to bulk cooking - something I said I'd never do..