Thursday, 22 May 2014

Bulk Tuesday

Tuesday has become bulk cooking day in our house. This is only my third week of making meals and snacks in bulk and I can already see how much difference it makes in the budget and time department. In all honesty we have never been a freezer friendly family and would much rather eat things as they are made BUT on the other hand I would much rather us be eating homemade meals from the freezer as opposed to takeaway meals- so this is what we are trialling at the moment and it is what is working best for us.

On Tuesday I made (Click on the meal names for links to recipes):
Apricot Chicken Risotto
Gluten Free Vegetarian Lasagne (I used gluten free lasagne sheets and didn't add the eggplant either)
CADA Muffins
Breakfast bites
Weetbix Slice

Next Week I am hoping to make:
Quirky's Singapore Noodles
Butter Chicken
Zucchini Slice
Apple and Cinnamon Muffins and
Apple, banana and macadamia biscuits.

Is anyone else joining in on bulk Tuesday?


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