Saturday, 14 June 2014

Lego Invitations

A week today our big boy will be celebrating his 4th birthday party. He has chosen to have a lego party. Unlike other years I have not done a lot of preparation but plan to do most of it on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  The rest of our week is taken up with other commitments - Work, Thermomix meetings, Kid's Club, swimming lessons etc. 

The lego invitations are done (see picture above). We built the invitations from Lego and then wrote the party details on the front of the lego. We shaped the lego into the number4. The cake has been ordered and cupcake toppers are being made for the cupcakes. Lego biscuits will be on their way this week. My plan food wise is to do fruit skewer sticks with lego heads, popcorn, different colour jellies, crackers and cheese (shaped as lego pieces) and mini pizza's with pepperoni (again - shaped as lego pieces). As always my mother in law helps out and makes a huge batch of sandwiches for a healthy filler for the kids. They are always a hit. I have had water bottle labels made up for all the water bottles too. 

The plan for favours is to make bath crayons shaped as lego men and lego pieces. I still have to decide what to add into the favour bags with these but I have had all the kid's names printed 'lego style' for their favour bags because that is what Cruz wanted. 

I can't wait to share the setup with you next weekend!