Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Lego Party

Normally I would post this amount of photos in a few different posts, but time is limited at the moment so we are going with an 'all in one' approach.

This party came right in the middle of a busy time for us - kitchen planning, school reporting and Thermomix demos. It is the party that took me the least amount of time and also cost us the least amount of money - and you know what? was one of my favourites! I suppose every party that we throw gets easier and we learn what works and what doesn't. The biggest thing I have learnt is not to spend hours working on the finer details that no one really notices. (Want more tips - I've done a post here.

A few days before the party we made our lego crayon favours. I bought 6 packets of cheap crayons from the reject shop, peeled the wrappers off and cut them up. I then added a few chopped up crayons to each of the lego man figures in the mould - remembering that as they melt you might need to add more to each man. I bought the mould from etsy. I put the moulds into the oven and watched as they melted. I think I put my oven on at 180 degrees - but that part is a bit of a blur to me. You need to watch very closely as the crayons begin to melt very quickly. Once the crayons were melted I lifted the moulds out of the oven and put them into the freezer.

Once they had set I popped each crayon out of it's mould. One or two crayons broke as I was lifting them out - you can remelt these ones.

I put a combination of these lego man crayons and the lego brick crayons that I had made into a party bag for each kid coming to the party. I added a lego man face to the back of the favour bag and the child's name to the top (kid's names in the lego font were made by a lady on etsy). I forgot to take a photo on my camera - so I've included the Iphone photo that I shared on Facebook so that you can see the end result.

Cruz's actual birthday fell on the Wednesday of his party week - so party planning had to stop so that birthday celebrations could begin. We always buy a massive number balloon for the boys. They love it. We had the balloons and presents waiting in the lounge for when the birthday boy woke up. My all time favourite tradition that we have for our boys is filming them waking up and opening their gifts on their birthday. We don't bring our video camera out a lot - so it's always nice to look back and see how much they have grown (and how much more they talk) from the year before. Once I have put the video together I will share it. It's another job on my to do list.

His birthday presents were very basic this year - a lego man head, lego man 'Emmet' alarm clock, some wooden dolls, matchbox cars, a book and some spider man undies. Cruz was thrilled!

This year was the first year that I wasn't at home with him on his birthday because it was a Kindy day. Cruz got to choose what treats he wanted to take in to Kindy with him for his birthday and he chose rainbow jelly cups and meringues.  The instructions were 'rainbow jelly cups with 10 colour layers and green meringues with sprinkles'. And his wish was granted.

On the Thursday before his party I made the jellies and fruit sticks as well as the cake stand. I always do a test run of the layout of the table before the party so that I can get an idea of what I still need to buy or whether we have enough food. We did this trial run on the Thursday night because I was going to be out until late on the Friday. Can you see poor Tim trying to stand behind the table with the backdrop so that I can get a quick photo?

I always try to finish all the party prep (including cleaning the house) before I go to bed the night before the party. We try and have our boy's birthday parties as early as possible in the day (9am) and there is nothing worse then feeling rushed. I also make sure that I won't have any food that needs attention on the day (hot food in particular). My lovely mother in law always makes a big batch of sandwiches for us which is a massive help. For more of my tips on hosting parties click here.

On the morning of the party I took the balloons outside and tied them to the fence. We went with blue, yellow, red and green for our Lego Theme. 

And then for the fun part - transferring everything onto the table and everything coming together.

The credits:
The backdrop::  designed by Style me Gorgeous and printed at Officeworks.
Cake:: Szcared Cakes
Water dispenser:: Robins Kitchen 
Lego Biscuits:: Spoon and Fork
Cake Stand:: made with Hunter's duplo
Jelly Cups:: Vcees
Water bottle labels:: Etsy

On the right hand side of the table I had popcorn cups, jelly cups, grapes on kebab sticks, lego biscuits and cakes with lego men faces. We also had our favours on display - ready for home time.

On the left hand side we had the same - plus cheese and crackers (shaped as lego), the lego face plates, plastic cups and water dispenser.

Some closer pictures of the food:

The lego man plates we made. We bought yellow plates, added yellow cardboard to the top of the plate and then drew the faces on.

And a few last leftover pictures -

This was by far the easiest (and cheapest) party to plan and it was a whole lot of fun for Cruz - which is the main thing. Any questions? Fire away.