Sunday, 17 August 2014

{Project Renovate} The Kitchen

I should be preparing the house for a busy week ahead but the boys are asleep and Tim is out for a few hours so I thought I'd sneak in here for a second hour and get this post ready to publish.

It has been a dream of mine to make our kitchen white. When we purchased the house 4 years ago we loved the size of the kitchen but I wasn't head over heels about the brown. Some friends loved the brown, others didn't. I suppose it came down to individual style preferences. I never thought we would have the opportunity to change it because of the cost factor and there being nothing wrong with our existing kitchen, but thanks to a lot of research into what we wanted and how we could get it done within our budget - my dream kitchen came true.

Everyone loves a good before and after - so before we start with the details - here it is.

Our new camera lens arrived this week - so we finally have a working camera to shoot some photos of the kitchen. Admittedly when I took these photos it was very overcast. So overcast that the kitchen doesn't look exactly like it does in real life, but it gives you a good idea of the change.

Before we dive into the endless post of photos here are the details.

The layout of the kitchen stayed exactly the same apart from the small change we made where our microwave used to be. We felt that having the microwave boxed in made the room feel more closed in - so we moved the microwave into the pantry and added a power point for it on the top shelf. You'll see more of that when I do a post on the inside of the pantry. The other small change we made was extending our bench tops so that they are 100mm wider than they used to be (to allow space for bar stools underneath).  We squared the edges on the bench tops as opposed to the rounded sides we used to have.

The existing cupboard and drawer shells remained the same in the kitchen - we simply added new door fronts. Our cupboard and drawer fronts were done 'shaker style' in a satin finish and we added new hardware to the cupboards and drawers  (our cabinet maker ordered them so I am not 100% on their details).

The bench tops are one of our favourite features in the room. We wanted to have marble but were well aware of both the cost of marble and how easily some marble wears over time. After a bit of research we found 180fx Carrera and guess what - it is lamenix. It has tricked nearly everyone that has walked through our kitchen and we love it. There are a few things that we had to think about for it to turn out like this. Number one is that lamenix edges/corners do not look the same as real stone. We knew we didn't wanted rounded edges so we asked for acrylic edging. Acrylic edging gives it the square edge look that real stone has - if you are interested in using acrylic edging in your home - have a look online. It will explain far more about how they do it and I'm sure it would make more sense than I could make at this time of the night. The second thing we had to consider was what laminex looks like from underneath the bench tops. Normally no one sees underneath bench tops, but in our house that isn't the case. When you sit in our sunken lounge you can see underneath the island bench top. Because of this we asked for the pattern to be printed underneath the bench as well - and our cabinet maker used a join which is virtually invisible to the eye - so it all looks authentic and 'real' at a fraction of the cost.

We used subway tiles for the splash back. There were two styles of white subway tiles we could choose from - flat tiles and what look like 3D tiles to me. We went with the '3D' style.

Pendants - Searchlight Billet Industrial Pendants from Masters (thanks to the wonderful Jade for sourcing them) 
Kettle - Circulon 2 Litre Morning Bird Tea Kettle Turquoise from Myer
Bar Stools - Dip Bar Stool from Kmart
Bread and Biscuit Tins - 2 Piece round Canister Set Kmart
No place like home print - local boutique
Chopping board - Living Space Round Chefs Block Natural Spotlight
Candle holder and soap dispensers - Target

I think that is everything (but let me know if it is not). I tried to take a number of photos so that you could see different aspects of the room. You might need to pour a cup of tea before you begin the 'scrolling journey' though.

Here goes..

If you are reading this - you made it to the bottom.. and are probably ready for a second cuppa. Thanks for joining me on our little kitchen adventure. It's been fun!


  1. Gosh it looks amazing Leanne! I am off to try and look up that Chopping Board set, looks great :-)

    1. These comments seemed to get lost on my blog and I just came across them tonight - so sorry! Did you find the chopping board?

  2. It looks absolutely fabulous. So light and airy - you must be totally thrilled with the result hun xx

  3. Your kitchen looks fabulous! I have the same problem, a perfectly good kitchen but brown cupboards. May do the same some times in the future!

  4. What a gorgeous transformation. I'm such a huge fan of white. I love the subway tiles and those pendants are fabulous. You mentioned a new camera lens... may I ask what it is? Jx

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  6. Hi, love your kitchen and your general design style. We are currently designing our own- also a corner kitchen. Not that I expect you to get out a tape measure at all, but are you able to give me a rough idea of the length of your kitchen on each side? Just trying to work out if I've allowed enough space in the corner for our kitchen design. Would appreciate a rough measurement or guess if you have a spare moment.

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