Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pantry Organisation

I shared a picture of our pantry on Facebook and had a few questions sent in about it, so today's the day I answer them.

1) A labelled pic of where EVERYTHING is please??????

Top left of our pantry is our microwave. I also have two big Tupperware containers (one with Baker's flour in it for demonstrations, another for Snacks) and a Knife Block up high out of the kid's reach.

The second shelf has four buckets. Oils and Salts, Weekly Meals, Extras and Baking. The oils and salts container is fairly self explanatory. Inside the Weekly Meals bucket I put anything I bought particularly for a meal I need to cook during that week. The Extra bucket has anything I have bought extra of and can't fit into the Tupperware modulars the Baking bucket has a few baking supplies in it.

The third shelf has a mixture of Salts, Flours, Sugars and Rice.    

 The fourth shelf has smaller Tupperware containers which I use to store things like nuts, grains, bread making ingredients and baking goodies (like cacao and cacao nibs).

The bottle shelf has some empty containers that I use to store baking in in the freezer, our lunch boxes tub and some miscellaneous Tupperware goodies (goji berries, bread improver, chickpeas etc).

2) How did you teach your husband to put everything back in the right spot? 

Haha - I loved this question. I think we all know that husbands can't be 'taught". I set this pantry up so that everything has a place to live and it is easy to maintain. I'm not fussy about where things get put back - as long as all the Tupperware modulars fit together. Having everything labelled helps to. Every now and then I straighten the Tupperware up, but it is very rare that I need to - maybe once a month or so. My advice would be that if it is too much effort for your husband to find where things go - they will probably end up in the wrong spot - so make it easy.

3) Where did you get the wire baskets that hang under the shelf from (I have only found ones designed for skinny shelves)  

These were from Kmart and were super cheap. They were designed for skinny shelves, but I just readjusted the arms to fit my shelving by straightening the arms completely and then remoulding them. At the moment the hanging baskets hold jars ready to be filled with Thermomix goodness and a box of nuts for snacking during the day.

4) Where did you get all your cool labels/how did you make them?

The labels are made by the wonderful Kate from Pretty Paper Label. You can find her via her Facebook page here -

My life wouldn't be the same without Kate. If I wasn't already married - I'd marry her (haha!).

5) How do you store your lunchbox snacks..?

This year we have been lucky as the boys have had their food made by the onsite cook at their Kindergarten. Next year I will have to do the lunchbox snacks myself - stay tuned.

6) Is that the Kmart Tupperware?

I would say that about 15% of the containers in the pantry are Kmart 'Tupperware' and the other 85% are 'real Tupperware'. I find both versions of Tupperware great and haven't had issues with either. 

7 and 8) I'd love close ups of what's on each container and a list of all ingredients in the pantry...

Hopefully I have achieved this with the photos above. If I haven't let me know and I'll take some closer shots. 

Did I miss anything? If I did let me know and I'll jump back online and update this list. As always - you know how super obsessed I am with seeing photo's of your homes - please send a picture of your pantry (via email or Facebook) if you have something cool you'd like to share. I like pantries in all sorts of shapes and sizes - I'm a pantry nerd like that!


  1. We have a very similar looking pantry to you Leanne, yours is amazing!

    Would love to know where the print is from next to your chopping boards etc x

  2. Absolutely love the pantry! So organised!!! Can I ask what you keep behind your tupperware? Your pantry seems quiet deep like mine and things seem to get lost.

  3. Sorry about the delay in replying - my commenting system seems to be playing up. The print next to the chopping boards was purchased from a little boutique store in town and doesn't seem to include a company on it - sorry.

    Behind my Tupperware I keep vases and other party glassware x

  4. Where did u get the labels from?