Friday, 10 October 2014

A lemonade stand

Last Sunday Cruz asked me if he could start his own business. Assuming he wanted money to purchase something for himself I asked him what he needed money for. His response blew me away. He wanted to start doing something to raise money for people in Africa. He said he felt terrible that some "mummies and daddies didn't have enough money to feed their kids". He is 100% convinced that he is going to solve all of Africa's problems (and I don't have the heart to tell him that he might not be able to).

I had last Sunday off (meaning I had no Thermomix demonstrations to do) and Tim was sick, so we pooled into the car to buy some supplies - a $12 umbrella from Bunnings, a flamingo and disposable partyware from Kmart. When we got home he helped me make lemonade, strawberry sorbet and vanilla and coconut custard to sell. Everything was 50c.

I posted a picture of him and his setup on my personal FB account and we called his grandparents to let them know they had a little business owner in the family too. I knew Cruz wasn't going to have many customers because no one really knew that he had opened up his business called 'All for Africa', but I was blown away when a friend arrived to purchase something to support Cruz. She bought a friend with her and together they made Cruz feel so important. Both his grandparents and his aunt stopped past and bought things from him as well (and of course Tim and I spent way to much money buying little containers of custard and sorbet from our big boy). 

He wanted to sit outside ALL day to make as much money as he could, but I told him it was time to shut up shop at 12:30pm. We came inside and counted the money he had raised, and once he had added his own $37 from his personal money jar - he had $61 for parents in Africa.

I loved supporting such an adorable idea and the fresh air and quality time did wonders for me too. We sat outside waving at cars that drove past and brainstormed different ways to fundraise more money. This kid is on a mission!

Do you have little entrepreneurs that have started their own little business? What do they get up to? Also - aren't kids just the sweetest creatures at times (times other than dinner time, bath time and sleep time that is ha!)     


  1. What an amazing son you have brought up Leanne!

  2. Oh that is seriously so cute. One of my boys has a habit of packing up pretty much anything in our cupboard and trying to flog it to the neighbours. I cant fault his enthusiasm ;) xx