Monday, 27 October 2014

An anniversary gift.

On Saturday, Tim and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. I know that some people do gifts and others do not - but I thought this was a neat idea and I had to share it with you. A little while ago I read about the 'a gift of the month idea' by the dating divas. I loved the idea and stored it away to use at a later date. As our wedding anniversary got closer and I thought about gift ideas, this idea came back to me. 

Our family is complete and because of that my wardrobe has slowly changed.  The maternity clothes have been passed on and swapped for a mummy uniform, but guess what has still been a staple in my wardrobe? Yup - maternity bras and what I call my 'hospital undies' - the comfortable underwear that I bought for those first few days post birth. I thought it'd be nice to finally treat myself (and my dear husband) to some new sets of lingerie - they even match - it's a miracle! 

After we had been out to dinner I gave a box (with the first set of lingerie in it) to Tim and let him know how the gift would work - on the 25th of each month I will be getting a new set of matching bras and underwear. Whilst the gift is predominately for me, I know that he will appreciate the effort as well.

Of course, if you like the idea of giving a gift each month, you don't need to choose lingerie as your gift. You could choose a dvd (to buy or hire) that you watch together, a special homemade meal enjoyed at home alone after the kids go to bed or even something as simple as an ice cream shared together after dinner. It can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. The goal is that you have something fun to look forward to on a particular date each month (for us it is the 25th) for the whole year.

We have had a bit of a crazy ride since we got married. It has been a roller coaster of debilitating pregnancies, a difficult birth, reflux babies, operations for the boys, lots of specialist appointments and countless sleepless nights - just like I'm sure most of you can relate to. Having little ones is not always easy and even though we wouldn't change it for anything and love the boys more than I can describe - it can hard work at times. Now that we are enjoying the calm after the storm and we have made it through that storm together - I thought it was time to put more emphasis on us as a couple - starting with one set date per month.

If you have some different ideas for the gift of the month concept - I'd love to hear them! I think the boys would enjoy having something that they could look forward to each month.


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  2. Love this idea. Enjoying reading your blog posts :-)