Friday, 24 October 2014

Grocery shopping

After writing this post about saving money on grocery shopping I had a few readers ask about what our grocery shopping looks like. Today I thought I would share an insight into what it looks like when we shop for everything in one store - the one stop shop. I'll do a post later about splitting your groceries into butcher/ fruit and vegetable market/ non department store shopping, but this week Hunter has been at home sick, I've had 6 Thermomixers to deliver, a prac teacher working with me, specialists to see and other commitments to tend to - so a one stop shop it was. We are in survival mode.

To give you an idea of what I was shopping for, here is my menu plan.

Meal - Naked Burritos; Treat - Quirky's flourless brownies with ice cream and strawberries

Meal - Chicken butter cream with rice; Treat - Sweet potato mud cake (made gluten free)

Meal - Homemade baked beans (Quirky's recipe) served on homemade chai bread

(Out for our anniversary and a birthday party - kids eating with grandparents)

Creamy beef curry (recipe on recipe community) with mash potato, broccoli and peas

Kid friendly satay chicken with rice (recipe community recipe); Treat - Vanilla ice cream and strawberries

Red thai chicken curry with noodles (recipe community); Treat; Sticky date pudding made gluten free. 

The only things I bought that weren't from the menu plan were apples, pears, bananas, milk and GF oats. Here is what ended up in the trolley, totalling a little under $200.

As you can see you don't need a lot of food when you cook most of your dinners and treats from scratch. I could have spent a lot less than $200 for this amount of groceries, but after trialling different brands I've got favourites and I do pay a little more for them for different reasons - taste, ingredients list, organics etc.

As I mentioned in my last post we have oats or homemade toast for breakfast, leftovers from dinner for lunch and then a planned dinner every night. On Mondays to Thursdays I also make a treat (whether that be muffins, cake or a slice) to take with lunch. Next year we will have to incorporate lunchbox ideas for Cruz because he starts prep, but for now this is it.

Things you will spot in the groceries - a few tins of cannelloni beans to make our homemade baked beans, chocolate (for the sweet potato mud cake - this isn't something we make often but man it is good), tomato paste because I was too lazy to make it this week and a few pantry supply refills like chai seeds, coconut flour and organic panela (non refined sugar).

That's it - a quick look into my shopping trolley. Our ingredients can change dramatically from week to week, but the meal plan and process always stays the same.

I'd love to know - Do you budget for your groceries each week? How do you save money on your groceries? Any tips for me? I still have so much to learn!


  1. Hi Leanne, I also meal plan but on a fortnightly basis and my budget is $250. I do one big shop and then stock up on milk and fruit etc in the off week. I make most meals and treats myself cos i like to know what goes into its cheaper. I try and buy organic where i can but this depends on the type of product and price point. I also am part of a quarterly food co-op with some friends. We place a bulk order with an organic wholesaler. Here i might stock up on sugars, flour, coconut, oats etc.

    1. *reply is below - sorry I pressed the wrong button.

  2. Love the idea of co-ops Melissa! And how amazing is it that you spend $250 a fortnight. I am very jealous!

  3. Any chance you could share your baked bean recipe? My boys love them and have them for breakfast and some days dinner too. Thanks

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