Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween food ideas

We have never really taken part in Halloween celebrations before. This year Cruz came home from Kindy and asked if he could go trick or treating with friends. Tonight we are involved in a Kid's Club at church so weren't able to do anything for Halloween itself. Instead - we had a little dress up party for him yesterday and invited a handful of his friends. I tried to keep it as low key as possible.
Here's what we made for the little dress up party that happened in our laundry/playroom.

Oranges carved like pumpkins and filled with fruit.

Pumpkin pretzels - using icing (orange and green) to cover the pretzels.

Dirt and worms - using chocolate custard at the bottom, crushed up biscuits and sour worms.

Jelly cups 

Gluten free/dairy free cupcakes to decorate

Marshmallow monsters - edible eyes from Spotlight

Treat bags

Treat bags contents chosen by Cruz - a fizzer, bubbles, mini recorder, pencil and eraser and a wizz fizz.

The party was that low key that I had washing spinning around in the (unfinished) laundry while we were in the playroom. Isn't it nice to have friends that you can relax around? The food was everywhere within seconds, but the kids had fun and that is the main thing!

So there it is - a quick setup for a fun dress up with friends! The marshmallow monster pops were definitely my favourite! What is your favourite?


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