Monday, 20 October 2014

Making art from a tea towel.

When I saw this tea towel in Typo's online store I knew I had to have it. It made me giggle every time I read it and was perfect to add a little 'quirk' into the kitchen. The tea towel cost me $9.95 and was just the right size to fill the spot where the TV used to sit opposite our kitchen. My only problem was deciding how I was going to frame it. I went to all the department stores in town and looked for a frame that would be suitable, but came away empty handed each time. Tim and I were both on holidays and so he offered to make a frame for the tea towel for me. We bought timber from Bunnings for $6 and Tim set about making the frame. Thank goodness for handy husbands!

I decided to keep it simple and not stain or paint it once Tim had finished making the frame and I got to see it. It turned out perfectly for the spot and ties our timber stools (on the other side of the bench top) into the rest of the space nicely. 

Now - I need your help. See that area to the right of the print? I'd love some ideas on what I could do above the mantel (that mirror is temporary). I know that I have a number of design minded readers that are super clever and creative and would love your help. What would you do if the space was yours?


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