Friday, 3 October 2014

Painting stripes

One night a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to have a bit of fun decorating Cruz's room... and so the painting stripes dream was born! I set out with my painters tape and started measuring how big the stripes would be - if I had my time back, I would have made them wider. Here's some instructions on painting stripes I found online.

Once the stripes were marked on the wall I had to choose the paint colour - we chose Determination. Again, if I had my time over, I would have made a small change and chosen 'Haunting Hue'. I didn't realise how bright the paint would appear on the walls.

The next few hours I spent cutting in and painting - I won't lie it was tedious, but the time passed quickly. I painted two coats and then removed the tape before the paint could dry.

Cruz's new double bed was then built and his bedding started to arrive. I am still waiting on a pillowcase that I have ordered and the last few bits and pieces to finish the room. The best part about this little makeover is that Cruz chose everything!

The double bed is from Fantastic Furniture, the Little Heartbreaker pillowcase and 'to the moon and back' sign we purchased from Baby Donkie through Down that little Lane and the banana pillowcase and polka dot case came from Castle and Things. I think Cruz has good taste! 

Has anyone painted stripes recently or decorated a kid's room? I'd love to hear!

L x

*excuse some of the photos used. They were taken at 10pm on my phone x


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to do stripes Leanne, but taken the easy way out with the Polka Dot stickers for the nursery this time around!

    Maybe in the future as I just love the way that they look x