Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The adventures of the mantel

Last Christmas Tim built this mantel for me - and since then I have been looking around for mirrors and other art pieces to go above it. Last week (or was it the week before?) I finally found something large enough to be fixed above the mantel - a tiffany blue clock. The mantel is still a work in progress as I have to decide what will go on it and complete the space. At the moment I am thinking of adding some greenery and a large letter 'B', but that plan could change.

The lounge will hopefully be renovated next year (that is, if we ever finish the laundry) and our plan is to change the flooring in there to match the timber flooring in the playroom. We will also be updating the furniture in the lounge and adding plantation blinds - so I had to keep all this in mind when choosing the clock. I think it will look great once we have finished.

It is now time to put the breaks on decorating and get ready for the expense of Christmas. I plan on keeping things as low key as possible this year and being smart with how we spend our money. Ideas to come!


  1. Love it Leanne! May I ask you about your fireplace? I remember your hubby making this for you, but what do you use the actual 'fire' area for? I was thinking of doing something similar at our place, and using that section for those candle arrangements with a guard around it?

  2. (As we already have a fireplace in our back room)

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