Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Christmas gift idea for doctors.

We have an amazing doctor. He is one of a kind. He has always had our family's best interests in mind and takes such good care of our boys. We trust him 100%. When I couldn't breastfeed Cruz I was given SO much advice from everyone, including advice about what formula we should give him. I tried nearly everyone's suggestions and none seemed to suit Cruz's needs - they would either amplify his reflux or make his tummy upset. After becoming overwhelmed with the 'thousands' of decisions a mother needs to make, I went to our Doctor and asked his advice about my mile long list of questions. He listened and I could tell he had a world of experience behind him. Guess what? To date every bit of advice he has given us has been the best for our family. I joke that the only reason we would leave the town we live in would be to follow our Doctor - and I'm not really joking. Our boys have both had their share of medical problems - reflux, grommet insertions, tonsil and adenoid removals and sleep apnea amongst other everyday concerns and I've had my share of appointments with hyperemesis gravidarum, iron deficiency and other pregnancy related issues. It really is a game changer when you have a Doctor who takes good care of you - and more so cares about your kids.

Every Christmas we surprise our Doctor with something for Christmas - this year we decided to personalise our Doctor's gift. We bought a frame from Kmart and had two plaques personalised to adhere to the frame - one with our Doctor's name (Dr Nel) and the other with "Thanks for all you do for us". I'm sure that being a Doctor can be a really thankless job and I hope that our Doctor knows the difference he has made to our family - the frame should serve as a reminder.

Packaging was easy - a simple bow around the frame and it is ready for the boy's to deliver. Every year we wait in the waiting room until Dr Nel comes out of his office between clients - the boys love running in to his room and screaming 'Merry Christmas Dr Nel'. Last year they stopped all the patients in their tracks. It was a very sweet moment and I'm sure our Doctor appreciated it.

Do you have a Doctor that deserves a thank you? Christmas is a wonderful time to treat people who have made a difference to your year. We wouldn't be without ours (as I'm sure you can tell ha!).


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