Friday, 7 November 2014

A Christmas gift idea for teachers.

This Christmas I am trying to be as organised as possible with our gift giving. Each week you will see me post an affordable Christmas gift idea that you can use and adapt for someone you know. My goal is for our gifts to be thoughtful, useful, affordable and customised for the gift recipients.

Today I am sharing the 'summer bucket' that we will be giving to the boy's Kindergarten teachers. Everything (including the bucket) can be purchased from Kmart and cost $15 in total per bucket.

Each of the teacher's buckets contain:

- a bright pink beach towel
- plastic cup with lid and straw (perfect for smoothies)
- a small box of chocolates
- lip balm
- the (personalised*) bucket itself

* The labels were made from the magnificent Kate from Pretty Paper Label. You can find her on Facebook.

I would like to add something that is personalised by the boys for their teachers, so I will be adding in a Christmas ornament for each teacher that Cruz and Hunter will be decorating. Once they are finished I will share them on the blog. Cruz will also be writing a thank you card to add to each bucket.

That is Christmas gift number one crossed off the list. I'll be back with another gift idea next week.


  1. Love your ideas Leanne. Keep them coming

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