Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A tea and coffee station

Cups of coffee (and tea) are important in this house. We have them when friends pop over during the day or stay late for a chat after dinner. A number of fond memories have been made over a cup of coffee in this house.

One of my favourite parts of the day is when Tim and I sit down for a cup of coffee and a catch up after work. If it is a quiet day we put the kettle on as we arrive home from work. On busy days we often don't get the chance to put the kettle on until after the kids have gone down to bed and we are home from other commitments. It is an important part of our day though and we make sure that we take the time to check in with each other. Cruz and Hunter are used to this part of our daily routine and know that it is 'mummy and daddy time'. We put a basket of toys on the carpet in the lounge room with us and they play with their cars while we spend a few minutes debriefing our day (yes, the boys do still interrupt from time to time - but that is all part of the fun).

We have everything labelled in our coffee cupboard so that guests can help themselves to tea and coffee whenever they want. My weakness is the Vanilla Latte sachets sold by Nescafe (I think?). I'd love to make my own so that I know what is in them - but it's another thing to add to the to do list.

The kid's have a sugar free strawberry milk powder, we make our own milo and we have energy drink powders from time to time if we have been unwell. All of these are stored in the same cupboard.

Our Nespresso machine hasn't been used a lot lately because I keep forgetting to order capsules - but we do love everything about it when we have our Nespresso coffees on hand. Hello frothy (and a little bit fancy) milk! Anyone else a Nespresso fan?

And last but not least - the kitchen centres around this sweet kettle that whistles at us when it is time to pour our tea or coffee. There is nothing better than being able to make a hot drink even though our power is out. This kettle makes me a little bit happy.

And that's it! Our tea and coffee station taking pride in our kitchen. Do you have a designated area for your coffee and tea supplies? As always, I'd love to see pictures.


  1. i love you kettle leanne where did you get it? i love the colour :-)
    i would love a tea/coffee station i think i need to re think my kitchen organisation layout! thanks

    1. *YOUR kettle :-s
      whoops typo

    2. Hi Sarah, It was from Myer. I can't see it in the online store at the moment, but there are other colours and brands available. I'll keep my eye out for if it comes back x

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  3. The similarities just keep coming! I always dream of my 'dream house' and I was just thinking today that I could have a tea and coffee station for guests (and especially when we have bible study/life group)... Thanks for the inspiration!
    - Sarah :)

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