Friday, 14 November 2014

More Christmas gift ideas

Whilst out the other day I stopped into Smiggle and Kmart to pick up a few things on my shopping list. There were a number of cute bits and pieces that I thought would make great gifts this Christmas and I had to share them with you. Friday's on the blog are becoming 'gift idea Friday', it would seem.

The first four gift ideas come from Smiggle.

*A giant sketch pad. What kid doesn't love a giant blank canvas to create their own masterpieces? - $6.95. Could it get any better?

*Macaron erasers. The cuteness factor is too much! - $6.95

*The coolest little fan and torch in one. There are both girl and boy versions available. This would be an amazing stocking filler. Cruz has not stopped playing with his since we bought it and all of his friends that have seen it have wanted to get their own - $12.95

* Stackable colour pencils. Teamed with the sketch pad this would be a super cute gift idea for a little over $10. They are 3.95 each.

From Kmart, I thought these two notebook sets (for $10 each) were amazing!

The men's version includes an 80 page A5 note pad, weekly to do list, 4 binder clips, 3 lots of sticky tabs and a pen. For my husband who works in an office environment, this would be perfect!

The girl's version includes a spiral notebook, 6 coloured gel pens, a HB pencil with cloud eraser topper, a pencil case, 3 mini printed tapes, a keyring and a sticker sheet. I still can't believe they are selling for $10. I'm sure any tween would love one of these as a gift.

The next one is for the younger boys in your life. This giant dinosaur 2 pack colouring poster is $2. Yup $2's for an afternoon of fun! And that mega sweet dinosaur eraser? He is $3! Put these two together with a piece of twine and a cute card and you have yourself a $5 gift that any young boy would love. I can nearly guarantee that Cruz and Hunter will play with that eraser as if the dinosaur is a toy. He is pretty cool in real life!

Last is this spiral notepad for $3 (also from Kmart). I loved the message on the front and thought it would be a nice gift to add to any teenagers Christmas stocking. My mind blows at some of these prices.

That's a quick look into some of the small (but useful) gift ideas I have found lately. No need to spend a fortune when these options are available. Next week I will be sharing the personalised Christmas gift we had made for our Doctor and a gift that any grandparent would love.

Have a wonderful weekend x


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