Monday, 24 November 2014

My favourite items from the world wide web

My birthday is getting closer and so today I thought I'd pop in and share some of my favourite items from the world wide web. I spend most my time admiring cute things for the boys, so it's nice to have a look around at some of the things that I like from time to time, as well. Are any of these items on my wish list this year? I'd love to say yes - but I have actually requested a treadmill for my present. Not nearly as pretty as these cute bits and pieces, but still something that I really want.

Anyway - enter into the world of pretty with me. What's your favourite item?

Links to products:
Ceramic berry punnet - Lark
Pea salt and pepper shakers - Lark
Confetti Wall Dots - Lark
Giant inflatable swan - Lark
746 desk telephone - Lark
Back me up mobile charger - Lark
Condiment jars - Lime Tree Kids
Salad Bowl - Lime Tree Kids
Celebrations pencil set - Miss Poppy Design
Table clock - Target
Hello Sign - Target
Buzz bird feeder - Freedom
Hello door mat - Lime Tree Kids
Oh the sunny spot towel - Castle and Things
Tutti Frutti pillow case - Castle and Things
Mug - Kikki K


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