Monday, 17 November 2014

Summer Fun

In an attempt to 'stop the glorification of busy' and make memories with the boys, we have made a list of fun things to do this Summer and I'm making it my duty to have them all ticked off.

In no particular order - 

1. Pack a picnic and head for the park
2. Have a water balloon 'fight'
3. Make a fruit salad together
4. Visit the fruit market
5. Go to the water park
6. Take a mini road trip
7. Plant flowers
8. Build sandcastles at the beach
9. Bake cupcakes
10. Take an evening stroll to buy ice cream

And because spending time with your partner is just as important -here is the list for the two of us.

1. Share a milkshake 
2. Have a picnic dinner together at home once the kids are asleep
3. Bake a cake together
4. Take a bubble bath
5. Watch the sun set (with a wine and platter)
6. Cook a three course meal together
7. Have a candlelight game night
8. Enjoy a movie night together (remember the popcorn!)
9. Have breakfast in bed
10. Toast marshmallows

What's on your bucket list this Summer?


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