Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas itself can often be a very busy day - we go to Church first up in the morning, then to my in laws for lunch and my parents for dinner. By the time we get home we are exhausted. Christmas Eve always holds beautiful memories for our little family though. It allows us to enjoy the calm before the storm - we talk to our boys about what Christmas means to us, get excited about all the things we have to look forward to the next day and then we spend some family time together before we head to bed for an early night (well - the boys do, we are often frantically organising the last few things before we head to bed).

Every year on Christmas Eve our boys get a box to open. In their box they have a Christmas story to add to our collection, an ornament to add to the tree (I'll talk more about what we do with the ornaments and how we choose them each year in another post), popcorn for our Christmas Eve movie, a treat (this year it's a Christmas mug to fill with hot chocolate during the movie and a soft toy Christmas Koala) and their Christmas outfit for the next day.

We used to include new Christmas pyjamas to wear on Christmas morning, but it didn't work really well for us because the boys would wear them once and then they would outgrow them by the following year. We now buy them Christmas pyjamas to open on the first of December each year (so that they get to wear them for a month) and then a special non Christmas-fied outfit to wear on Christmas Day.

These boxes create lots of special memories for us - the ornaments are one of my favourite traditions, but the Christmas stories are always beautiful too.


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