Sunday, 7 December 2014

December 7

December Seven Highlights:

  • Cruz chose a friend to surprise with a Christmas gift as part of our Advent Activities. We packed up the gift (A Christmas eve kit and two reindeer soft toys) and then dropped it off at his friend's place. He wanted it to be a secret...even though we had written a card that said 'Love Cruz' in it and popped it in the bag. You will see from the photos how seriously he took 'the secret mission'. It was very cute.
  • Elfie joined our 'family leg portrait' and both kids thought it was very funny! Hunter spent most the day staring at him, looking puzzled. I suspect he was concerned about Elfie wearing his shoes.
  • I made the announcement (to my beautiful customers) that I would be stepping down as a Thermomix consultant. Big decision.. but I'll share more about what our plans are for next year in a separate post.


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