Monday, 5 January 2015

And so that was Christmas...

And just like that Christmas is over and it is time to start a brand new year. We have had a wonderful break and I'm feeling ready to get back into the swing of things now..including blogging regularly.

Our Christmas was super fun! We made lots of mess, ate a tonne of food and spent the day enjoying our families company. The quads were a hit - the boys are loving their new toys! It was important to me that we bought quads that could have their speed restricted. Both of the quads are running at about walking pace at the moment and we have a lot of rules regarding the use of the bikes - no friends allowed on them (unless their parents are here to supervise) etc. The bikes were purchased from ebay.

The boys wore personalised ties as part of their Christmas outfit. I try not to go to 'Christmassy' for their Christmas day attire because let's face it - they grow out of their clothes so quickly. They will be able to wear these ties on other occasions too. Li'l Shop-a-holic custom made them for us - you can find her on Facebook here.

 The Lego Advent Calendar was a hit this year and again, I'd say this was money well spent. We both enjoyed waking up and seeing what lego we had to build for the day. I took a photo so that you could see the different sorts of things that were included - this is only one section of the set up though.

It is no secret that I LOVE Christmas, but once it is over I like to get the house back to normal. By 9am on Boxing Day the house had been de-Christmasfied and we were back to our normal decor. I have ordered labels for all our Christmas boxes - so I will do a post on our Christmas cupboard once they arrive.

And that is a wrap on our Christmas. It is good to be back in the land of blog. This week I'll be sharing our goals for 2015 as well as a little more about my 'List of Three'.

I'll finish with a belated Merry Christmas for anyone who didn't see this on Facebook on Christmas Eve - our very simple Christmas card for 2015.


  1. Those quad bikes are awesome! Merry Christmas to you hun, it looks like it was a fabulous one at your house xx

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