Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Our home tour

Every January I try and snap some pictures of our house to document the small renovations and changes that we have made during the previous year. As always, our home is a work in progress and we have lists and lists of things that we want to do - time and money permitting. It is not because our house necessarily needs any changes (we are very blessed with the house we have), but more because we are DIY fans and love coming up with plans and visions for each room. It's a passion of mine. None of these renovations/ideas are urgent or will necessarily be done in the near future - but they are a part of our long term plans.

Home Theatre
  • Install black plantation blinds
  • Put led lights on the steps
  • Install surround sound system
  • Find recliner theatre chairs


  • Put skylight in
  • Get 'B.A.K.E' letters made for above the stove

  • Install timber floors
  • New rug
  • Coffee table
  • Additional arm chair
  • Fiddle leaf figs x2
  • Side tables
  • Pouffe's and cushions
  • Install white plantation blinds

Dining room

  •  Install two white linen pendants for above dining room table

 Music room

  • Make desks along the wall for the boy's new homework stations.
  • Add prints to room


  • Repair walls
  • Add safety gate
  • Install airconditioner

  • Have splash back installed
  • Purchase over head cabinets
  • Tapware
  • Handles/door knobs

Boy's bathroom

  • White plantation blinds
  • Replace bench top and doors to vanity

Cruz's room (coming in future post)
  • Get rid of painting stripes
  • Add prints to wall
  • New linen
Hunter's room
  • Nothing at this point.

  • New rug
  • Build cupboards in
  • New light fitting


  • Replace bench tops and cupboard fronts
  • Fix shower head
Master Bedroom

  • New rug
  • Reading chairs and side tables
  • Photos for wall
  • Chanderlier for above bed
  • Paint doors

Walk in robe
  • Gut and have wardrobe reinstalled.

  • Pool (in about 20 years ha!)
  • Fence front yard
I can't wait to see what small changes I'll be posting in January of 2016!


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